About Pars Pooyesh
Parspooyesh Fanavar Company has been registered in 2003. The goal of this company is to create customizable software. Parspooyesh is one of the pioneers in the field of Information Technology in Iran and has provided a variety of services to their immense community of IT.

The primary objectives of the company are installation and implementation of ISP and technical support as well as providing security and expanding related activities that the IBS software supports. IBS is designed by our programming team and can especially be used for accounting, reporting and credit control purposes. It can also be designed to keep track of data usage of customers and VoIP users’ consumptions.

Since IBS has been a great success, Parspooyesh has provided newer versions called IBSng and IBSng II. IBSng is customized to meet our everyday users’ expectations and IBSng II includes many more advanced options.

Parspooyesh as one of the companies providing comprehensive Information Technology solutions develops supports and maintains its activities in the field of setting up PBX software, designing and developing relationship with customers in an integrated manner using call center technology. Because of our technical and programming teams, our specialized nature of business activities and high demands amongst our customers, we have dedicated some of our companies’ activities into providing OSS solutions.

Our mission as a software engineering company is to provide optimal solutions in the implementation of customers working process. Parspooyesh’s goal is to expand its IT technologies, manage and optimize the network for performing required admission of network users. Parspooyesh endeavors to provide final products that meet all current as well as future customer needs. According to certain policies all products and services will be implemented and executed on a secure platform of Linux system.

Because Parspooyesh Company considers itself responsible for Open Source software community, therefore provides older versions of the software as 100 percent open text that has been implemented and operated.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our customer based manner is the main basis of our company and their ideas will be directly reflected upon their request.


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Support and maintenance unit of Parspooyesh Company provides 24 hour services in order to enhance customers' trust and satisfaction.  Any critical problems can be addressed at any time of a day. Our caring technical support team will fix any problem within the shortest time and restore system to function properly without any defect.Parspooyesh support services include: Online support - Help Desk Wiki - (Guiding and training software application, software notices and reforms) Forum - (Communication forums for sending and receiving answers of frequently asked questions) ...More