Integrated customer relationship management software , call center and support center are designed to manage and facilitate business process of sale sections and support companies and organizations. Call center provides methods of communication with customers through phone, fax, SMS and email. Customer Relationship Management sector supports sale opportunities, customer information, business records and communications with potential and actual customers .Support software performs the supporting procedure of users by using Ticketing and Customer Self Care tools . The ultimate goal of this software package is to increase customer satisfaction by using optimized and integrated tools. Also it is possible to increase the organization productivity through various and accurate management reports of this system.

It seems impossible to manage customers affairs in large companies without having the necessary tools according to the mass volume of communications with customers.
Keeping customers satisfied and encourage them to buy again the company products is less costly and more important than attracting a new customer. Because in addition to keeping current customers satisfied it is a kind of free advertising and will attract new customers.

That is why companies in addition to their policies to attract new customers also pay special attention to the keep and maintain their new and old customers.

Providing strategies of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and better after sale services is one of methods that companies use to provide better services to customers and also obtain analytical statistics of an their customers.

The main purpose of using a Customer Relationship Management (known as CRM) system is to use reliable processes and standard procedures in interaction with customers to help the company in giving better services.

The main advantages of using a mechanized CRM system are :
  • Increasing customer service quality
  • Increasing profit and revenue obtained from interacting with customers
  • Identification of new and potential customers and converting them into sale opportunities
  • Familiarity with customer tastes in shopping and identification his possible needs for future purchases
  • Increasing speed of doing marketing and sales processes
  • Increasing productivity of sales professionals
  • Possibility of preparing customer database and quick recording and searching of data
  • Possibility of planning employees’ daily activities
  • Direct connection to the telephone system and possibility of instant communication with customers (call with one click)
  • Possibility of advertising and marketing based on a standard method

Parspooyesh Company designs and implements integrated CRM software with advanced telephone systems and allows you to have always a complete report of staff performance and customer comments as if they are always present in the office while saving time and improving efficiency.

Special database is available to save full information of actual and potential customers in the system through which your staff can easily identify potential trades and available customers and by just one click and calling they can provide desired product and they can increase sales .You can also continuously monitor their work.


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Support and maintenance unit of Parspooyesh Company provides 24 hour services in order to enhance customers' trust and satisfaction.  Any critical problems can be addressed at any time of a day. Our caring technical support team will fix any problem within the shortest time and restore system to function properly without any defect.Parspooyesh support services include: Online support - Help Desk Wiki - (Guiding and training software application, software notices and reforms) Forum - (Communication forums for sending and receiving answers of frequently asked questions) ...More