BandWidth Management
One of the determining factors of the network speed is its bandwidth abd  is well aware of the importance of bandwidth used by staff. Network managers will be able to control the rate of data transfer through the design tree graph for personnel to Dedicated and Shared forms using IBSng II.

Design of bandwidth will be done according to management's taste and it can be in a way that the bandwidth of personnel who do not use the network will be divided between active employees. Classification can also be prioritized in your convenience. This means that according to the amount of available bandwidth you can allow bigger share to staff who require more internet usage. Such possibility guarantees network bandwidth to be divided in a completely optimized manner amongst staff and helps you earn your customer’s satisfaction.
For example, if a particular day, week or month Internet Conference held, you do not need to set the entire Internet for more bandwidth to stop, but the design is sufficient to allocate bandwidth, the bandwidth part of the video dedicated conference, and on that day higher priority than others to adjust.

Network managers can perform their management policies with minimum and maximum amount of bandwidth allocated to the user in different time frames. For example the bandwidth for organization components can be allocated lower during 8 to 11 am (rush hour) than 11 pm to 4 pm.

One of the other capabilities of this software is the possibility to note the capability of allocation a separate bandwidth to a particular IP and determination and control of different broadband services including Web and Ftp. Network managers in addition to concentrated management of the network's bandwidth division method can also observe various reports on bandwidth consumption, and volume of Sent and Received information of active staff. With comprehensive facilities of bandwidth management and designed bandwidth consumption for each user or each part of the organization or the whole bandwidth of the collection, always the provided bandwidth will be used in the best possible way.

Bandwidth consumption graph of the user

IBSng II helps be able to count your staff complaints and lower them due to the Internet low speed and time consuming service of opening the web pages.


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